Director of UX


Aperture is a web application that leverages AI systems to help companies identify new market and innovation opportunities through problem identification. It does this by scanning millions of documents, finding problems within those documents, and grouping common problems across the marketplace.

The Problem
When I was brought in, the app was difficult to understand and navigate. It needed a complete overhaul to be able to show the users where to start, navigate, and digest the information.
My Contributions
  • Department director
  • Team building
  • Creation of design strategy
  • UX design and research
  • Workshopping feature focus
  • Combining business goals and user needs
  • Complex information architecture
  • Establishing a design structure

State of the Company

When I began working at Aperture (then Artemis Intelligence), it was a great group of people with a cause, looking for a design direction. I came in and did a series of workshops to establish the company vision, which helped determine the direction for features and designs.

User Types

We needed to determine who exactly would use this application. I recruited potential users and performed a series of interviews targeting innovation management roles to discover who might actually use the application. From this, we built out loose personas for our target audience.

Design Baseline

To have an initial structure, I worked closely with development to determine the best framework for where we could start building concepts and prototypes to test and implement. We began with the Ant Design System, then switched over to Google Material for flexibility.

Design System

WIth the unique interface came new challenges. To be more flexible with the intersection of design and development, my team and I built an atomic design system library that could be used in wireframe and prototype designs that were recreated by development in React. We called this design system Apex.

Tool Redesign

Once a direction was established, we brought in additional resources to work on the visual direction. This allowed us to move away from the Google Material limitations and explore a more unique interface.

Marketing Rebrand

When I began working at the company, the company was Artemis Intelligence with the Aperture tool. This caused a lot of confusion with users, so we obtained the Aperture.ai URL and renamed our company to reflect the tool. The company president, directors, and my design team then worked closely to develop a brand guide and new website.