Hey there.

I'm Jonathan!

The photo on this page is the most "me" photo I've seen. I'm with my silly/fun/amazing family, having just ridden around in a surrey with the fringe on top, wearing a Batman shirt. If you find any of that strange, well, that's me!

My professional story goes like this: I began to think about User Experiences back when my brother programmed the Apple IIe LOGO (turtle) to respond to a joystick back in the very early ‘80s. Over the next couple of decades, I took my degree in Psychology from Swarthmore College and applied it to a career focused on the internet. Bouncing back and forth between design, research, and programming at places like CBS and Sony, I then combined my passions by getting an MS in Systems & Information Engineering focused on Human Factors from the University of Virginia. From there, I settled down in the city I fell in love with, Seattle, and have been privileged to work as an Interactive Designer and User Researcher with clients such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NASA, Nintendo, Pokemon and many more.