HeLLO there.
Jonathan Evans and family

I'm Jonathan.

This photo is quintessential me. I'm with my silly/fun/amazing family, having just ridden around in a surrey with the fringe on top, wearing a Batman shirt.

My professional story goes like this: I began to think about User Experiences back when my brother programmed the Apple IIe LOGO (turtle) to respond to a joystick back in the very early ‘80s. Over the next couple of decades, I took my degree in Psychology from Swarthmore College and applied it to a career focused on the internet. Bouncing back and forth between design, research, and programming at places like CBS and Sony, I then combined my passions by getting an MS in Systems & Information Engineering focused on Human Factors from the University of Virginia. From there, I settled down in the city I fell in love with, Seattle, and have been privileged to work as a Director of UX, Interactive Designer and User Researcher with companies such as Aperture.ai, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NASA, Nintendo, Pokemon and many more.